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What are the supported document formats?
VeriGuide supports most of the well-known formats, including Microsoft Word (doc/docx), Excel (xls/xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt/pptx), OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat PDF (pdf), web pages (html/htm), plain text (txt/rtf) and zip archives (zip).

What is the default checking scope?
By default, the submitted file(s) will be checked within the submission and with the Internet context.

What is 'readability'?
Readability is defined as the ease of reading, resulting from a writing style. It reflects the language ability of a piece of writing. For example, an '11' roughly means the writing is suitable for people having grade 11 education level to read. The judgment is based on some simple linguistic indicators such as length of sentence, and the richness of vocabulary. VeriGuide can provide language level scores for both English and Chinese writings.

When and how will I get the report?
The time of processing depends on the number of documents in the batch, the size of documents, and whether the system is busy. Generally, the system will deliver the originality report within 24 hours.  For a short document, it may only take from approx. 10 mins to 2-3 hours for the system to generate the originality report. You can check the report through the originality report summary page.

Can I have a printable version of the report?
Yes, the function is available inside the web-based originality report.

How is VeriGuide compared to similar systems around the world?

  • VeriGuide excels being the first optimized text similarity detection system that can read and compare both the English and Chinese text.
  • VeriGuide has its own patented algorithm in detecting documents' similarity:
  • VeriGuide's own algorithm in detection Chinese text's similarity which increases the detection accuracy in Chinese text over other competitors.
  • VeriGuide's readability score in both the English and Chinese text which assist teachers to judge the complexity of the documents easily.

What can I do if I want to implement VeriGuide in my institution?
Please contact us for an institutional license with better offer.


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