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University Technology participated in InnoCarnival 2017 organized by The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of HKSAR and Hong Kong Education City in Hong Kong Science Park, to provide a gamification experience of NEOBEAR Popup Zoo 2 AR 3D Literacy Card to Children.

University Technology work together with Hong Kong Education City to provide NEOBEAR Popup Zoo 2 AR 3D Literacy Card for Children to experience at Hollywood Plaza, Diamond Hill, on 6-May-2017.  Welcome parents to bring their children to learn and experience this fun event!

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Assignment Settings to Enable VeriGuide

Go to your course page, then create assignment.


In the VeriGuide Plagiarism Detection System, users are classified as three roles:

  • Administrators: they create user accounts for teachers and students, they also create courses in the system
  • Teachers: they login to the system to view originality reports
  • Students: they login to the system to submit assignments for checking


Firstly, the administrator need to download the excels of "Account" and "Course" from the VeriGuide website.

Washington (CNN)Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said he would "do great" in a hypothetical matchup with Vice President Joe Biden in part because of the prospective candidate's plagiarism in law school.

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Universities may attract penalty, including a freeze of grants, if its teachers are found to be guiding more than eight PhD students at any given point in time as part of a drive to plug lacunae in research.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) will ask all universities to have anti-plagiarism software to ensure that the thesis papers reflect genuine research.

UGC secretary J.S. Sandhu last week wrote to vice-chancellors of 700-odd universities that the PhD regulations be strictly followed.

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